Friday, November 10, 2017

Talk on reproducibility and meta-science

I just gave a talk at UCSD on reproducibility and meta-science issues. The slides are posted here.  I focused somewhat on developmental psychology, but a number of the studies and recommendations are more general. It was lots of fun to chat with students and faculty, and many of my conversations focused on practical steps that people can take to move their research practice towards a more open, reproducible, and replicable workflow. Here are a few pointers:

Preregistration. Here's a blogpost from last year on my lab's decision to preregister everything. I also really like Nosek et al's Preregistration Revolution paper. is a great gateway to simple preregistration (guide).

Reproducible research. Here's a blogpost on why I advocate for using RMarkdown to write papers. The best package for doing this is papaja (pronounced "papaya"). If you don't use RMarkdown but do know R, here's a tutorial.

Data sharing. Just post it. The Open Science Framework is an obvious choice for file sharing. Some nice video tutorials make an easy way to get started.

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